The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has been a WHO collaborating Centre since 1972. It had been initiated by Prof. Egon Diczfalusy, Prof. Sune Bergström (awarded the Nobelprice for the discovery of prostaglandins) and Prof. Olof Borell.

Prof. Egon Diczfalusy has been the first head succeeded by Prof. Marc Bygdeman until the year 2000, when Prof. Kristina Gemzell Danielsson took over and is currently heading the research group. During these years an impressive amount of research has been performed in the Centre in the areas of infertility, male contraception, hormonal contraception, intrauterine device and new abortion methods. The activities include basic research, clinical studies as well as participation in large multicentre studies. The members of the group perform research at the very frontline of development. A considerable number of dissertations has been done in the research group or supported by it. Some of the dissertations have been based partly or entirely on research supported by WHO. Many examples of research could be mentioned. Back in time the possibility to use prostaglandin analogues for cervical ripening and medical termination of pregnancy was an important research project. The contribution of the group has been instrumental for the development of both indications.

Today the research activities are:

The present method for medical abortion, a combination of antiprogestin and a prostaglandin analogue, was partly developed at the Centre.
The activities of the Centre include as well as collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and research within Human Reproduction supported by other sources.

Members of the WHO Research Group are:
Marc Byndgeman, Prof. Em.
Lena Marions, MD, PhD
Alexander Christow, MD
Annette Aronsson, MD, PhD
Christian Fiala, MD, PhD
Xiaoxi Sun, MD, PhD
Berit Ståbi, MBT
Lena Elffors Säderlund, Reseach nurse
Sten Cekan Ass. Prof.
Annelie Stavreus-Evers PhD
Lalit Kumar PhD
Angelos Sioutas MD
Anna Hildensbrand
Inga-May Andersson, nurse/midwife
Caroline Thorsen, nurse/midwife
Mikael Engman MD
Kjell Wånggren MD, PhD
Sunjata Kumar MD
Olof Stephansson MD, PhD
Lotti Helström MD, PhD
Josaphat Byamugisha MD

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